Post-Operation slipper for man. Kind of this footwear: slipper

Upper | elasticized fabric
Colors | black
Width | L
Heel | 25
Sizes | 41-46
Outsole | rubber
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Slipper POST027, post-operation footwear for man developed by ITERSAN, is realized with upper in elasticized fabric, outsole made of high-quality rubber and lined with soft cotton. Width of this model is L and the heel height is 25 mm; available sizes are from 41 to 46, in black color.


Footwear made with innovative elasticized materials
Perfectly fitting uppers
Immediate comfort guaranteed


Insole support can be removed for hygienic treatment
Insole support can be replaced with other similar sized support


Anti-bacterical, anti-fungus action
It eliminates bad odours
It guarantees foot-hygiene and tasting freshness

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