Comfort shoe for lady. Kind of this footwear: moccasin

Upper | suede
Colors | navy, red or yellow
Width | G
Heel | 40
Outsole | TR light rubber
Sizes | 35-41
Construction |


Shoe SCA30012, comfort footwear for lady developed by ITERSAN, is realized with upper in suede, outsole made of high-quality TR light rubber and lined with soft leather. Width of this model is G and the heel height is 40 mm; available sizes are from 35 to 41, in following colors: navy, red or yellow. Technical features of this model are: Removable insole, Sanitized.


Removable insole: Insole support can be removed for hygienic treatment and can be replaced with other similar sized support


Sanititzed: Anti-bacterical, anti-fungus action
It eliminates bad odours
It guarantees foot-hygiene and tasting freshness