Elasticized Extra-Depth shoe for lady. Kind of this footwear: with straps

Upper | suede/elasticized eco-leather
Colors | navy
Width | G
Heel | 30
Outsole | micro rubber/vibram
Sizes | 35-42
Construction | hand sewing


Shoe EP3078, elasticized extra-depth footwear for lady developed by ITERSAN, is realized with upper in suede/elasticized eco-leather, outsole made of high-quality micro rubber/vibram and lined with soft leather/lycra. Width of this model is G and the heel height is 30 mm; available sizes are from 35 to 42, in navy color; assembly is made by hand sewing. Technical features of this model are: Ce-Pred, Drygo, ElastiKa, Micro outsole.


DryGo: Treatment applied to footbeds that absorbs sweat when worn Disperses humidity when removed


Elastika: Footwear made with innovative elasticized materials
Perfectly fitting uppers
Immediate comfort guaranteed


Micro Outsole: Greatest lightness
Shock absorber
Workable for postural correction


CE-Pred: The ITERSAN Extra-depth Orthopedic Footwear meet the applicable provisions of Directive 93/42 of the European Community, adopted in Italy by legislative Decree 46/97 as Class I products in accordance with Rule 1 of Annex IX of the same Directive (non-invasive for short-term use Devices).