Our mission

ITERSAN is synonym of comfort. In fact the message of the company is Benessere Sempre (Always Wellness) and it indicates the main purpose of the company, that is to realize comfortable shoes that give relief and wellness to the feet in every situation and in each moment of the day.

ITERSAN collections represent the answer to every need: our customers appreciate the advantageous relationship quality/ price and they know they can count on a great range of products.

So ITERSAN is identified as the ideal speaker: comfort and fitted for insole shoes for women, men and kids are supported by a special selection of professional and post-op shoes. Furthermore it is important to mention the amazing range of stretch-shoes where technical evolution and style are smoothly combined.

That is all together the result of the synergy of specific knowledges that ITERSAN use for the specialized project of the insole, for the material selection (high quality soft leather and top components), for the style lab selection and for the stylistic advice.


Our brief history

ITERSAN S.p.A. was founded in 1981 and from the beginning it find a comfort shoes market niche.

In the 90’s the headquarters moved from Vicenza (Italy) to the current location of Arcugnano, a few kilometers from Vicenza.

With time ITERSAN has adapted its collection to the customer needs and in a short time it increases its selection with professional shoes, post-op shoes and also kids shoes.

The main point of the collections is always focused on fitted (predisposta) shoes, which means that is created to insert the orthopedic insole.

In 1997 Sergio Pitacco is the new entry in ITERSAN, he becomes the owner and he takes over the majority of the social capital.

In 1999 Mario Pigatto is the other new entry in ITERSAN and he becomes the managing director.

The last few years of the last millennium are very intense, always oriented to the rebalancing of the financial and economic conditions of the company and to the improvement of the management process.

The new millennium is oriented towards the technological evolution of the company that is getting a new computer system and that arrives to the computerized management of both warehouse and logistic.

Furthermore the company updates and improves the creative processes that define the new collections completing the existing technical contents with new material use and with e series of original products that will mark some important events:

2001 – presentation of JOLLY, wood clog with flexible sole and upper of leather, 10 colours, certified DPI (EN 347/1992).
2008 – launch of Elastika line: shoes with upper of elastic material that adapt themselves to the foot shape.
2011 – launch of GREENTECH line: vegetal tanned leather shoes without heavy metals.
2011 – start of RECY, woman slipper with upper of recycled PET.
2011 – launch of JOY, innovative clog made of extra light EVA, certified DPI (ISO EN 20347:2004).
2012 – ITERSAN S.p.A. obtains the quality system certification following ISO 9001:2008 standard.
2013 – production of ENERGY/SINERGY, soles of dual-density polyurethane with non-slip insert and energy absorption system on the heel.
2016 – creation of RIALTO collection, shoes studied for the free time that combine wellness and style.
2016 – launch of JUKE professional shoes made of extra light EVA certified DPI (ISO EN 20347:2007) provided with chip for access control.
2017 – the rehabilitation footwear collection is enriched with art. SURGY, designed for different post-operative courses and classified as a Class I Medical Device.
2017 Autumn – Facebook page publication.
2018 Spring – Instagram profile publication.
2018 July – ITERSAN S.p.A. obtains the quality system certification following ISO 9001:2015 standard.
2019 March – the Spring/Summer collection is enriched with the new Beach Collection.

Corporate Policy

Expression vibrant entrepreneurial fabric of the North- East ITERSAN SpA is chaired by Sergio Pitacco, flanked by CEO Mario Pigatto.

Young and dynamic company, ITERSAN S.p.A. has been able to create a cohesive team between management, employees and internal agents, people with different skills working by pointing to the absolute quality of the product for the full satisfaction of the customer.

Quality that comes from the synergy of expertise, including ITERSAN SpA avails itself of the specialized design of the footbed, to the choice of materials (soft leather of superior quality components and among the best on the market), for the selection of the modeling and the stylistic advice.

Since July 31, 2012 ITERSAN company is certified ISO 9001.

The Quality Management System has been certified by the prestigious DNV-GL.


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