Color, comfort and flexibility: our EVA creations are the best choice for living your days with lightness and comfort.


Splendidly comfortable shoes with specially designed widths, heels and toes to guarantee wellbeing even after hours and hours of use. Superb comfort and a stylish design that offers all the shapely elegance of traditional Italian footwear.


Everyday wear shoes that protect your feet from knocks, distribute pressure over
the entire sole and reduce sweating. The uppers also fit perfectly, offering your feet both protection and superbly moulded comfort.


The most comfortable professional footwear, made of natural or synthetic materials, including wood, leather, and polymers. Designed to ensure maximum flexibility while keeping grip and the natural movement of the foot.


Specialised footwear for post orthopaedic operation convalescence. These shoes encourage smooth, rapid recovery thanks to their soft, light uppers. And for feet that require elasticized support, their glove-like fit guarantees easy-to-wear comfort and greater flexibility than traditional footwear. Ideal also for people with diabetes.

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